Create a customer account and log into the TesT Shop:

To see price information and make a purchase it is required to register at the TesT Shop by creating a customer account. For that purpose please click on MY ACCOUNT (Login) at the head of the website and then on "register a new account". Please enter your data, choose a password and click on "save". Via MY ACCOUNT you will able to review your orders, change your data and manage your clipboard.


Find your desired product:

On the welcome page you will be able to see our item categories. By clicking on the individual category (e.g. "Force") you will receive an overview of the subcategories (e.g. "Force transducer, electrical" / "Force gauges, hydraulic" etc.) respectively the products therein. In categories containing numerous items a filter will be available for you, to filter the products according to your requirements. For that you can, for example, select the desired measuring range and needed accuracy for your force measurement or select the required nominal load for your weighing application. The filter will show you those products that meet your requirements.

By clicking on a certain product picture you will get through to the particular product description. Besides the product description you will find further information, like the technical data sheet or suitable accessory and additional options, on different tabs above the text.

On the right hand you will find the "ordering block" where you can select the desired product version, e.g. the measuring range. After that you will be able to see price information, available stock and delivery times. Precondition is that you own a customer account and are logged in at that moment. The buttons "add to cart" (virtual shopping cart) and "add to clipboard" (for items to be kept in mind) are also located there.


Select items and add to shopping cart:

If you have found the desired product you can add it to your virtual shopping cart by clicking on the button "add to cart" (without obligation to buy). For that, being logged in is also precondition. You can view the content of the shopping card by clicking the button "Checkout / Edit" - at any time without obligation and without having it already ordered.

Remove items from shopping cart:

The products can be removed from the shopping cart at any time by clicking the button .

Purchase products online and pay / Place order:

If you want to buy the products that are in your shopping cart please click the button "Checkout / edit" and click the button "proceed to step 3" after having checked the shopping cart content again. Please check the correctness of your address data on the following page and correct it if necessary. Required fields are marked in color and with "*". Then continue by clicking on the button "proceed to step 4".

On the next page you will select the desired payment method. You will then receive a summary of your order, where you can check your entries and, if neccessary, correct them by clicking the button "change data".

Send order / order arrival notice via e-mail:

By clicking the button "Order in obligation" you will complete the ordering process and make a  purchase with obligation to pay. You will receive an order arrival notice from the shop system via automatically generated e-mail. This order arrival notice is not valid as order confirmation. You will receive a legally binding order confirmation via e-mail after we have checked your order.

If you have questions please contact us by phone or via e-mail.
Tel : +49 211 209903-0

Your TesT Shop Team